Poster design

I’m a graphic designer, photographer, social media manager, booker and bartender at J.C. de Dukdalf. A few of the poster designs I’ve made can be found below. I can create weird posters at this pub; that’s why I love it so.

(Below web designs)

Web design

I’ve designed a few special pages at You can find them in the links below! 1 here, 2 here, 3 here and 4 here. I also felt the need to redesign Spotify in a lighter version, but also different design.

(Below logo’s)


What is a brand without a logo? Do we recognize a brand without a logo? No, we don’t. So do we need logo’s? Oh, hell yes!

(Below offline)


It’s so incredibly beautiful to see your own work offline. I mean, isn’t it great to physically hold the product you design?