Beautiful B-roll

Sometimes I feel like just making some awesome videos. So I try to make some great B-roll videos which are nice to check and cool to see.

Interesting video reviews? Got your back!

I had the honor to make a fancy video review for with Merijn Doggen. He is best known for his work at and he can be seen at RTL Boulevard sometimes as a well respected ‘tech-nerd’. I wanted to make a short video, which could still be interesting and cool to look at. At the time I was an employee at

Distribution of 6.000 laptops in one day

Centralpoint sold 6.000 HP laptops to Deloitte, which got delivered in one day (which you can all see in the video). It got delivered to 16 different locations in The Netherlands. I took a full day (20 hours) of filming this whole project. At the time I was an employee at

Editing video interviews for Smash Press

We’ve interviewed bands like Linkin Park, Tokio Hotel, Of Mice & Men, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Neberu, Kensington, All Time Low and many more. Lately got more into professional images, perfect focus, great images and good editing. A good way to see the progress I’ve made.

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