🗓️  Started designing in 2018


🎥  Premiere Pro, After Effects


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It seems like I have been a creative since ’12. After years of shooting stills and creating designs, I felt the urge to create motion. In 2018 I picked up shooting videos.


I learned by watching a ton of YouTube tutorials, get inspired by other creatives and friends, and most importantly: just doing it. After I made something I went out to people and ask for their opinion so I could make things better the next time. And now I include creating videos in my day job.

👀 Portfolio

TUTORIAL: recreate Fantastic Beasts’ Grindlewald crazy eye


The movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald inspired me to recreate Grindlewalds gray/red crazy eye. And I wanted to share with people how you can easily do that yourself in Photoshop.

TUTORIAL: Get great photos in low light situations


I wanted to start sharing my photography knowledge and I decided to do that with a video tutorial. This is the first tutorial I ever made.

VLOG: How I shot these winter photos


In the early start of 2019 I shot some snow photos and I felt like sharing that day. I challenged myself to get at least six photos that were good enough to share. Personally I think I got one of my best photos yet in that video – the duo sheep 🐑.

B-ROLL: Just wanted to shoot a good looking video


It was when I started off with videography that I felt like getting a good looking video, that didn’t really had to have a story. I had an unborn calf lying around…

Corporate videos

In 2019 I made a behind the scenes video of the Arval Mobility Hub shoot. Arval Mobility Hub was a video created for Arval The Netherlands to show to the headquarters in France the power of their idea.

Video interviews

I started doing interviews for Smash Press in 2013, when creating videos was totally new to me. It took a few years until I gained interest in creating good looking videos. The first couple of video interviews were straight terrible, but they became much better lately.

Stand Atlantic – Australia
The Rasmus – Finland